• Manufacturer: Bobst
  • Model: Novacut 106E
  • Year: 2017
  • Size: 41
  • Status: In production
  • Availability: July 2021

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  • Approx. 4,700 running hours
  • Centerline system for quick job changeover
  • Bobst-Electronic machine operating system CUBE 3 (Control Unit Bobst Electronic) with color touch screen
  • Main motor with frequency converter control
  • Side blowers adjustable with Centerline marks
  • Measurement of the cutting force with strain gauge on platen
  • Pile tray with handle allowing manual lateral correction of the pile during production
  • Pile lifting controlled by foot pressure
  • OS and OOS side guides
  • Suction unit
  • Safety system for lowering the pile tray
  • Feed table covered with an anti-static stainless-steel plate
  • Feed table inlet equipped with lateral ramps
  • Feed table with 4 front lays, adjustable in pairs with front register control
  • Feed table with "Pull" guide (OS) adjustable according to Centerline marks, with side register control
  • Feeder table with double sheet detector. Mechanically, integrated on pull guide (OS).
  • Feeder table with support plates at entry of platen station
  • Feeder table sheet-hold down device (guiding the sheets to front lays)
  • Table feeder with upper frame with manual lifting device
  • Feed table with transport belts (with lateral guidance and automatic tensioning system)
  • Gripper reopening device on platen
  • Equipment centering and locking on platen
  • Synthetic material supporting plate on platen (Thickness 23.5 mm (0,925")
  • Quick locking device of the central stripping board on Waste Stripping Station
  • Motorized lifting of the upper frame on Waste Stripping Station
  • Adjustable centering at stripping station
  • Pile tray in delivery
  • Front jogger in delivery
  • Adjustable rear and side joggers with Centerline marks in delivery
  • Braking brush in delivery
  • Non-stop delivery with grill
  • 1 Cutting plate (T-120.001) Thickness 5 mm
  • 1 Upper stripping pull-out frame (T-200.001)
  • Electronic device for sheet travel control
  • Control cabinet cooling unit
  • 1 Lower stripping pull-out frame (T.230.001)


  • 1 B-202.001:     Operator platform
  • 1 B-305.010:     Device for die cutting in-between grippers (Stripping of small waste pieces is possible in front of 1st. knife (13 mm or 1/2")
  • 1 D-100.002:     Pull Guide (OOS) with side register control. Pull guide adjustable according to the Centerline marks. For jobs with opposite operator side registering.
  • 1 D-120.002:     Push Guide (OOS) without mechanical stop (OS). Set of parts for changing a (OOS) "pull" guide into a "push" guide.
  • 1 E-105.001:     Adjustable supporting plate centering.
  • 1 E-210.001:     Compensating plate. Thickness 4 mm.
  • 1 T-210.001:     Upper stripping pull-out frame with Quick Lock (to be confirmed)
  • 1 T-103.001:     Upper chase with fixed bottom plate and Quick Lock (to be confirmed)

1 Q-115.002:   Interface for connecting a sheet counter

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